Monday, July 28, 2008

Shark Chronicles 018 - White shark dissection

SAMPLA scientist Enrico Gennari went to the Natal Shark Board last week to dissect some white sharks for his PhD.

Enrico is looking at the thermal physiology of the white shark. White sharks are one of the few shark species able to keep part of their body temperature above the water temperature allowing them to swim, hunt, and digest more efficiently.

The dissections are aimed at getting information on the ontogenetic (related to the growth of the animal) changes in their physiological ability of maintaining (or maybe even controlling) their body temperature above the external temperature.

The size of the sharks were respectively 1,6 m, 2,1m and 2,7m total length.

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andrew said...

Bongiorno sor Enrì,

me ne dà n'etto de quello bbono pè mi' socera?

Anonymous said...

enrico,complimenti x il lavoro.premetto che il commento di andrew non è mio(andrew lo uso come nickname sul web)...però è simpatico.

saluti a betina anche da zia cristina.

andrea e franc.