Monday, August 30, 2010

Shark Chronicles 079 - Dusky Aliwal

Having been in Scottburgh for 3 weeks now, we have managed to get 13 dives in, 6 baited dives and 7 reef dives. Sadly, the water has been too cold for tigers (ranging from 19-21oC) on the baited dives, but there have been around 25 blacktips each dive with the occasional dusky, mostly females, some of which we have managed to identify from distinguishing features like a bite wound to the second dorsal or broken jaw. Reef dives have been very successful with raggies spotted on most dives, humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins have been spotted on most dives with some amazing close encounters. With the occasional few days of bad weather we have managed to explore Kwazulu Natal and traveling up to Hluluwe and then over to the Drakensberg for a Lesotho visit and to hike the Amphitheatre. A 4 day road trip with 6 people crammed into a tiny Chevrolet may not be recommended, but it provided an amazing 4 days and plenty of banter.

Ryan Daly- Aliwal Marine Lab field coordinator

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